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    Terms & Conditions
    AdShare Broadcasts Your Banner to Web Sites Throughout Our Network.

    AdShare Banner Network


    By joining the AdShare Network, members indicate agreement to and acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Compliance with the terms and conditions ensures that only appropriate sites become and remain AdShare Network members and that all network advertising meets AdShare Network standards.

    Any member violating these terms will be notified of violations after the member's banner account is disabled/suspended . The member must respond within ten days after notification noting remedies taken to conform with the rules set down below.  If AdShare Network inspection of the web site/banner still shows a violation, the member's account will be deactivated and notice of deleted status will be sent to the member in violation of the rules.

    1. AdShare Network reserves the right to refuse to grant or continue membership in the AdShare Banner Network to any Web site that contains or has links to gambling, nudity, sexual situations, pornography, hate groups, illegal activities, offensive material, get-rich-quick schemes, pay for internet surfing plans, unauthorized distribution of music or software, profanity, satanic worship, witchcraft, cult-type activities, or for any other reason that AdShare determines does not live up to AdShare standards.

    2.  Other reasons for AdShare refusal, as stated above, can be, but are not limited to, the following: (a) Forcing visitors, through links to other pages or other web sites, or other means, to download software onto their computers without giving visitors the clear option of not doing so.  (b) Using any means to load software, viruses, worms, adware, spyware, or other types of malware or files onto the computers of visitors without their permission.  (c) Participation in Spamming to promote your product, services, and/or web site, or the product, services, and or web site(s) of others will also not be tolerated.

    3.  All banners rotated in the AdShare Network banner rotator will have a link to the web site associated with the product or service advertised.  The link will Open a New Window so your visitor can return to your site to continue shopping or viewing additional pages on your site if the visitor wishes to do so.  We believe that once a visitor finds you they should stick there as long as possible, without being pulled away to another site in the same window, making it difficult to find you again if they've forgotten your online address.

    4. AdShare Network reserves the right to reject any banner that contains, or promotes, gambling, nudity, sexual situations, pornography, hate groups, illegal activities, offensive material, get-rich-quick schemes, pay for internet surfing plans, unauthorized distribution of music or software, profanity, satanic worship, witchcraft, cult-type activities, or for any other reason that AdShare determines does not live up to AdShare standards.

    5. Members agree to place the provided AdShare Network banner rotator code on their web site page(s) without modification.  The AdShare Network banner rotator must be placed in such a way that banners shown are prominently displayed to the visitor.

    6.  We recommend only one (1) AdShare Network banner rotator per web site page, HOWEVER, placing one AdShare Banner Network rotator at the top and one at the bottom of the page(s) is permissable.  If the AdShare Banner Rotator is to be included more than once in a "Banner Farm" NO MORE THAN FOUR AdShare Network banner rotators may be placed on any page. Multiple AdShare Banner Rotators must be separated from other one another and other banners by a reasonable space, and each AdShare Banner Rotator on the same page must have a unique number entered in the code by the webmaster of the website it appears on so that the same banner does not appear more than once at the same time on the same page.  For clarification: A page is what is displayed on one screen, so members who use frames must count all individual frames seen on the screen at one time as one page for banner placement purposes.  

    7. The AdShare Network banner rotator must be displayed on the page in such a way that the banners are easily visible to the visitor. In other words, banners may not be "hidden" so that a visitor has no way to view the banner, and should be placed where most visitors will easily see them.  After all, you want your banner to be easily seen on the web site pages of other members, so, their banners should be, in turn, prominently displayed on your page(s), as well.

    8.  It is suggested that the AdShare Network banner rotator remain static on the member's Web site page(s) and not be rotated with those of any other banner exchange service, HOWEVER, it is understood that this is difficult to accomplish in certain circumstances, therefore it  is permissable to do so.

    9.  A member may not artificially inflate traffic counts to his/her site using any device, program, robot or other means. Further, The AdShare Network banner rotator may NOT be placed on a page that automatically reloads or refreshes. The AdShare Network banner rotator code may NOT be placed in newsgroups, e-mail, chat rooms, forums or guestbooks, or in any other form of communication other than the website page(s) of the site listed in the members' AdShare Network banner account. Any member whose account is terminated for artificially inflated traffic counts may offer a defense to have the account re-instated, however, AdShare Network's logs and/or judgments in these matters will prevail.

    10. The AdShare Network banner rotator code must be placed only on page(s) of the authorized web site of the member's AdShare Network account.  If you have more than one web site, you must apply for a membership for each web site you wish to have AdShare Network banners appear on, and submit a banner to be linked to each web site you hold an AdShare Network membership account for.  This requirement helps us maintain an accurate tabulation of the impressions on your site so that your banner receives the appropriate impressions on other member sites in return.

    11. Banners that appear on a member site in the AdShare Network banner rotator may at times be a banner for another member, for a sponsor or partner, for AdShare Network, or for other company-owned websites, products, or services, and, further, all banners will be rotated in an order solely to be determined by AdShare Network.

    12.  If an AdShare Network applicant or member accidently deletes his/her own account while in the Member's account administration area, it is recommended that you apply for a New Account through the usual New Account process.  Click on the "I Accept Terms" button below the Terms and Conditions listing at the web site and go through the sign up process.  Your web site and the banner you submit will be subject to our customary approval process as if you were a New Account.

    13. Members may permanently cancel their account(s) with AdShare Network at any time by sending a request for cancellation, containing the account Member ID and password of the account in question, via our online Contact Form, along with the  web site URL and the contact name and phone number of the member account to be canceled.

    14.  The AdShare Network name, logo, software, databases, reports, web site and information are proprietary and cannot be used without permission from AdShare Network.

    15. Members agree that their Web site information (name, URL, traffic counts, etc.) may be used by AdShare Network for promotional or other purposes.  The personal information members provide to AdShare Network will be kept confidential and will not be distributed, except in aggregate, to any outside agency, without the permission of the member.

    16.  The member understands that FREE impressions of the member's banner on other members' sites is the only compensation for displaying banners in the AdShare Network banner rotator placed on the member's website page or pages.

    17.  AdShare Network, its administrators, partners and sponsors cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur from the use of AdShare Network services.  Members agree to use AdShare Network at their own risk.

    18.  Any web site that knowingly spreads, or attempts to spread, computer viruses, worms, adware, spyware, or other malware, or computer infection or control of any kind, through emails, or any other means, will be immediately terminated from membership in the AdShare Banner Network.

    19.  AdShare Network makes every effort to verify and maintain a high standard of service quality, but AdShare Network does not make any guarantees regarding the dependability or accuracy of AdShare Network services. AdShare Network will attempt to correct inconsistencies in credits due any member based on the member's proof of inconsistency, however, AdShare Network's decision in the matter will be final.

    20.  Should it become necessary to terminate, nullify, and/or delete any member account or application for membership, at any time, such member or applicant will be notified upon deletion of the account through an email sent to the email address of the member or applicant that is on record at AdShare Network, as listed in the member's or applicant's online adiminstration area.  Upon notification of account termination or applicant refusal, it is the responsibility of the member or applicant affected to immediately remove the AdShare Network banner rotator from any and all page(s) of the web site affected.

    21.  By including a banner in our banner rotation, AdShare Network, it's owners, affilliates, and members do not by that act endorse the web site, product or service advertised on the banner shown, and, further, providing a link to the web site from the banner, does not implicitly associate AdShare Network, it's owners, affilliates or members with the web site, product, or service advertised on said banner.  Only owners of the web sites advertised are responsibile for the policies and operation methods of each web site advertised.

    22.  We recommend that the AdShare Banner Network rotator not be seen in a "banner farm" situation where there are multiple banners lumped together with other banners or near rotators of other banner networks/exchanges.  HOWEVER, banner farms are allowable if this is the best way for you to display banners on your site.  If you do display "banner farms" you are expected to separate the banners from each other so that they are not touching when displayed.

    23.  All banners must be 468x60 pixels in demension and no more than 20kb in size, however, keep in mind that 15kb or less will load faster.  Banners of other demensions or sizes larger than 20kb will not be approved nor allowed or included in the AdShare Network 468x60 banner rotator.  All banners will be of uniform demension, which makes it easier to plan website page(s) around, because you know what to expect in the space provided for the AdShare Network banner rotator.

    24.  If you do not have a satisfactory banner of your own to upload to your AdShare Network banner account we can create one for you at your request.  More details.  

    25.  Whereas, participation in the AdShare Banner Network is free to all members, members, as well as non-members, wishing to promote their web site, product or service, may purchase impressions for their banner(s) per the AdShare Network price schedule.  Terms for purchased Impressions is payment in advance with U.S. Dollars, deposited via credit card, debit card, check, money order, or PayPal (see payment details).  See additional Conditions for Paid Ad Views (Banner Impressions) advertising by clicking HERE.  Your purchased impressions will be added to your banner account after the funds are received.  For more information use our Contact Form.

    26.  AdShare Network reserves the right to modify or change these Terms and Conditions at any time, as it deems necessary. It is the member's responsibility to keep current with changes in the Terms and Conditions, since changes are effective for all members, regardless of when the member joined.

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