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    An Inexpensive Way to
    Encourage Increased Traffic.
    If you prefer not to run banners on your web site, or wish to increase your exposure, AdShare also offers an inexpensive way to advertise on the internet and reach people who visit member sites.  We will randomly distribute your banner on 'family safe' web sites.   You will reach our online audience for as little as $25 for 5,000 Impressions.

    Benefits of Advertising using AdShare Banner Network:

    1.  Low cost exposure.
    2.  Easy sign up process and reporting tools.
    3.  Your banner gets shown on web sites all around the world.
    4.  Check your online realtime banner statistics anytime.
    5.  Most of our sites show their banners at the top their page for best results.
    6.  Banners are shown only on 'family safe' web sites.


    5,000 ad views ----- $25
    10,000 ad views ---- $40
    20,000 ad views ---- $60
    30,000 ad views ---- $80
    50,000 ad views ---- $100
    75,000 ad views ---- $120
    100,000 ad views -- $150

    Requirements and Conditions:

    Banners must be 468x60 pixels, in GIF or JPG format and less than 20k in file size.
    Sites or banners that promote gambling, contain nudity, sexual situations or profanity, or that support illegal activities or hate groups will NOT be accepted.
    All Payments for Paid Ad Views must be Paid In Advance, and funds are non-refundable.
    By Payment Submitted the Paid Ad Views Advertiser agrees to advertise to the conclusion of the number of corrsponding Ad Views/Impressions ordered as a result of that payment.
    Banners may be changed from time to time during the Ad Campaign if desired by the Advertiser.  
    Advertiser is purchasing total Ad Views/Impressions on pages of AdShare Banner Network websites only, not clicks, impressions per day, purchases or guarantees of results.
    All Banners submitted by Advertiser must be approved by AdShare before being entered into the AdShare banner rotation.  This includes any replacement banners that may be submitted from time to time.
    If Advertiser decides for any reason to cancel before the Ad Views (Banner Impressions) total has been reached, the Advertiser forfeits funds already paid.

    NEED A BANNER? has created many of  the banners currently displayed on the AdShare Banner Network.  Send us information about your web site, service, or product, along with your web site's URL and 35 U.S. Dollars and we'll create a basic, one-view, professional banner for you.  As little as $50 will purchase the creation of an animated GIF, and as little as $75 will purchase a more advanced banner.  See payment information.

    AdShare Network will monitor your campaign, provide you with 24-hour access to view your ad's ongoing statistics, and handle any questions and concerns you may have.

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