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    Banner Network
    AdShare Broadcasts Your Banner to Web Sites Throughout Our Network.

    Have Your Banner Ad Seen
    On Other Network Web Sites.

    The AdShare Network is a 'banner exchange'.  It's a proven way to drive traffic to Your Web Sites at NO COST.   For every two banner impressions you show on your website, Your Banner is seen once on another member's web site.  PLUS, you receive 1000 FREE banner impressions when you join to Kick Start your Advertising Program.  It Costs You NOTHING!   You can't lose.  So, join our Banner Network today.

    1.   Easy sign up process and reporting tools.
    2.   FREE promotion for your website - No risk involved.
    3.   Online real-time reports to check your banner statistics anytime.
    4.   Your banner gets shown on web sites all around the world for free!
    5.   You receive 1000 FREE banner impressions when you join.
    6.   For every 2 banners you show your banner is seen once elsewhere.
    7.   Your banner is seen on only QUALITY sites that are family safe.
    8.   The Banner Links to web sites advertised Open in a New Window.
    9.   Your Banner is shown on other members' web sites and linked to you.
    10. An exciting way to get New Visitors to Click to Your Site!

    How Do I Join?

    Go to our TERMS page and after reading it, Click On "I Accept Terms", which will take you to the 'sign up page' where you will fill out information we need to set up your Banner  Network Account.  You must copy the code inside your Banner Administration Area.  Place our Banner Rotator Code at the top and/or bottom of one or more of your pages (as many as you wish).  You must also upload Your Banner to your administration area.   We will then review your banner and your web site.  You'll receive an e-mail confirming your membership (usually within 24-36 hours).  The Banner Rotator Code must be on your page(s) when we vist your web site in order for approval to take place.

    You will immediately start earning credits when the code is inserted on your site.  Your Banner ad will begin getting displayed as soon as we approve your site and banner. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your ad.

     Membership Standards:

    1.  Banners must be 468x60 pixels, in GIF or JPG format of no more than 20kb in file size.
    2.  The code for displaying banners must remain on the site to which your banner ad clicks through to.
    3.  No artificial inflation of banner counts or hidden banners are permitted.
    4.  Our banner rotator MUST be placed where it is visible to the MAJORITY of your visitors.
    5.  You MUST have a web site and UPLOAD a banner from your computer.
    6.  Not Allowed: Sites or banners that promote gambling, contain nudity, sexual situations or profanity, or that support illegal activities or hate groups, etc.  See our complete Terms and Conditions for more information  (see link below).

    Step One:
    To Join the AdShare Banner Network
    You Must Agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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